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Project Description
Visual FoxPro Professional is a project to extend Visual FoxPro editor capabilities.
This is based on Scintilla Editor control.

See Installation Instructions for details on installing and initial use.

Basic purpose of this project is enhance VFP IDE and environment.
This project is in the beginning stages, but I want some feedback and suggestions.

Key Features
1. Code Folding
2. Line number display in editor
3. Advanced intellisence
4. Advanced Quick-info with description of function, parameters, and return value
5. Project Browser
6. Multi-tabbed editor
7. PRG editor made advanced(Now design each classes/functions in a prg in a mutli- tabbed editor)
8. Automatic comment header(templates)
and much more........

You can follow the original thread posted by the author on Foxite July 22, 2011:

Here is an early screenshot of what you will see in the current build of this project:


Here is a rough screen shot of the tabbed code editor.



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